Plamenka Borovska, Prof. PhD is a prominent scientist and University professor in the area of supercomputer architecture and applications, optimization algorithms, machine learning, in silico experimentation and bioinformatics. Prof. Borovska is the author of 150 scientific publications and papers at international scientific conferences and journals. She holds a patent for “multiprocessor systems” recognized in the United States, England and Germany. She has participated in over 35 research projects at national and European level in the field of parallel processing, supercomputing architectures and applications: TEMPUS, ERASUM, PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe), ETN FETCH and the Programme for Development of Human resources. Under her scientific supervision 16 PhD thesis have been successfully defended.

Ivan Ivanov, academician, Prof. DSc is a prominent molecular biologist and longtime university professor of biochemistry and genetic engineering technologies. He is the author of about 200 highly cited scientific papers of fundamental and scientific importance, as well as 30 national, European, international and US patents. His fundamental research is in the areas of molecular biology, molecular genetics and bioinformatics, and scientific applications – in the field of recombinant DNA technology. Under his scientific supervision 31 PhD theses have been successfully defended, 3 of which are in the field of bioinformatics.

Vladimir Lazarov, Prof. PhD is an expert with years of experience in research, design and implementation of parallel computing systems, primarily in the field of high-performance computer architectures, parallel processing, applied Informatics associated with managing large databases and processing of large data streams methods, computer modeling related to assessment of the performance of modern parallel computer systems, intelligent information systems in the field of artificial intelligence.

Veska Gancheva, Asoc. Prof. PhD, expert with extensive experience in information technology, bioinformatics, in silico biological experiments parallel methods, algorithms and models, software technologies, supercomputing applications, cloud computing, management and analysis of data. She authored 45 scientific publications and has participated in over 30 research projects at national and European level: ERASUM, PRACE and the Operational Programme for Human Resources Development.

Desislava Ivanova, Assist. Prof. PhD, is an expert with experience in high-performance computing systems and applications, machine learning, In-Situ visualization and cloud computing. She authored 35 scientific publications and has participated in over 25 research projects at national and European level: PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe) and the Operational Programme for Human Resources Development.

Kiril Kirilov, Assist. Prof. PhD is an expert in molecular biology, structural biology, bioinformatics, genomics, proteomics, molecular dynamics, homology modeling, programming, java, perl, vb, parallel computing systems-Intel Xeon Phi.

Simeon Tsvetanov, Assist. Prof. PhD is an expert in computer architectures, parallel programming, high-performance computing, cloud computing and grid analysis of big data, machine learning.

Ivailo Georgiev, PhD is a specialist in high-performance computing platforms, bioinformatics, integration and configuration of software, parallel methods, algorithms and models, supercomputing applications, in silico biological experiments, numerical methods, and artificial intelligence.

Nikolai Landzhev, MSc, Eng. is experienced in parallel programming, GRID and cloud computing, GPU computing, meta-heuristics, networking, system security, Microservices.

Hristo Stoev, MSc, eng., PhD student, the title of his thesis is “Methods and tools for storage, processing and simulation of biological data” and has specialized in computer science, analysis of large data, bioinformatics, and analysis of biological data.

Kamen Ivanov,  MSc, Eng. PhD student in the field of high performance and distributed systems and has experience in programming systems for real-time, data structures and algorithms, computer modeling and simulations.